Thank You Card

click to enlarge photo of thank you card

OK don't run out and buy heat embossing supplies if you don't have them as the Thank You is pretty small and can easily be handwritten. I don't normally hand write messages as I am incapable of writing straight but this is just a small tag so, if I can do it, anyone can !


click to enlarge embossing powder on stamped thank youclick to enlarge tect with powder removedclick to enlarge embossing heating photoclick to enlarge embossing hal done photoclick to enlarge embossing complete photo
  1. Cut 2 rectangles of the Mulberry paper measuring 5.5cm x 5 cm or 2 1/4" x 2" & glue together. I'm using 2 pieces stuck together as one rectangle doesn't show up enough against the card, if using stronger colours like pink, 1 may be enough.
  2. Wet a clean old toothbrush and start brushing the edges of the paper outwards to give a more ragged edge. I do this lightly as I want to keep the rectangle shape intact but if you want a less rigid design brush to your hearts content.
  3. Cut two pieces of the shiny ribbon measuring appx 4.3cm x 3.5cm or 1 5/8" x 1 3/8"
  4. Once the paper has dried glue both pieces of ribbon in the middle of the paper by using a 3mm 1/4" blob of glue in the middle (this will be covered up by the tag)
  5. Write or emboss (see below) 'Thank You' on the tag & glue diagonally to the middle of the ribbon
  6. Glue the bow to the top of the tag
  7. Glue the crystals to the ribbon by putting a dot of glue on the flat side with a cocktail stick whilst holding with tweezers.
  8. Glue the embellishment to the card, making sure it is straight and centered (measure each side from the edge of the embellishment to the edge of the card, they should be the same) how high you place it is really up to you.

Embossing the 'Thank You'

I often emboss onto other bits of paper/card that can be cut to size if it's going to be difficult to get the lettering straight like in this case where the stamp is not see through & the target area small.

1. Take a plain A4/letter size piece of paper & fold in half, unfold & lay flat on your workspace. This will be used to collect unused powder.

2. Wipe an anti-static bag or dryer sheet over the paper to get rid of dust, oils etc

3. Press the stamp firmly, straight down into the embossing medium stamp pad - don't wiggle it.

4. Stamp the paper in the same way, firmly without moving it around.

5. Quickly cover the stamped area with embossing powder over the folded sheet of paper, use plenty to make sure the stamped area is fully covered.

6. Shake of the excess powder onto the folded sheet of A4 and fold up the paper to 'pour' the excess powder back into the pot

7. Carefully remove any stray bits with a paintbrush or cocktail stick. Don't touch the stamped area as the powder is only lightly stuck to it. Take your time to make sure the powder is only where you want to see as a small fleck will look a lot more obvious when heated and by then is completely unremovable.

7. When you're happy take the heat tool and hold it at an angle about 2' away from the powder and turn it on. This is by far the coolest bit ever, as after about 20 seconds the powder will liquify and set in front of your eyes.

8. Cut the embossed Thank You into a small rectangle that will fit inside the tag and glue it onto the tag.

9. Glue everything else down as in stages 6 & 8 in the first section and finally glue the embellishment to the card.