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Why Make Hand Made Cards ?

I love giving handmade greeting cards to friends and family because I can tailor them exactly to their interests. Individually crafted cards also show that a lot of thought and care have gone into the card, rather than you just grabbed any old card from a store (or even worse the petrol/gas station round the corner !!!!) A handmade card has a unique element that most mass produced printed cards just don't have.

It is also a great hobby as it is relatively inexpensive, does not require a lot of space, physical exertion (yay !!!) equipment or experience to get creating quickly. You can also use a lot of the materials and equipment to make bookmarks, scrapbooks, gift tags and gift bags and decorate T-shirts, bags etc.

This site will hopefully give you an idea of where to start, what you need and how to do it. It also should give you an indication of the potential for making your own designs.

I hope you enjoy looking at my designs for inspiration and have a go at making them with the help of the tutorials. I am happy for you to use these designs for practice or to give to your friends and family and hope they inspire you to create your own designs.

If you are planning on selling cards I would recommend you do create your own designs in your own style, while I don't mind, it could be embarrassing if you try to sell these designs as your own to people who may have seen this site and might then question your creative talents.